Helion ReVolt SLi

The pioneering, uncompromised Helion ReVolt power conditioner line was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our first power conditioner.

One of ReVolt's unique features is the Isolated Ground System. All inputs and outputs, including all internal circuitry, are electrically separated from the case. Thus, any faults in site wiring will not affect user safety, as the outer frame is always isolated from the mains wiring. The risk of an unwanted accidental energy transfer from the component is almost entirely eliminated. Although optimal performance is obtained in the common 3-wire environment, the ReVolt can also work in two-wire installations.

The vital functions of the unit, such as overvoltage protection, discharge energy rejection and power spikes suppression, have reached a new level of efficiency. Response time was shortened to an extreme 1ps (0.000000000001 second) and the device boasts an astonishing absorbtion capacity of 1500 joules. Currents as high as 80 000A can be sinked in the moment of the surge. Large blocks of ceramic mesh, filled with a metal-oxygen compound, together with silicon-based elements can absorb even 6kW of power, thus giving the main circuit breaker time to activate.

Helion custom solenoid activated, hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is itself a highly specialised device of exceptional performance. In 1932, Heinemann invented and patented a solenoid-activated hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker (HMCB) allowing for controlled triggering, proportional to the product of current and time. What is equally important, its series resistance was vanishingly low. This feature is extremely important for power audio amplifiers, as some of them are very sensitive to excessive power line impedance, so a power supply of the lowest possible resistance is the only solution. Today, Heinemann™ manufactures circuit breakers for us in line with our specifications, giving ReVolt conditioners unrivaled series resistance in the single-milliohm range. Almost every home power line, even dedicated ones, and many power cables have higher resistance. That said, the ReVolt power conditioner may be used in all applications that demand extreme currents and the lowest possible output resistances. With an internal continuous capacity of 42A and a peak instantaneous output current of up to 240A, ReVolt conditioners are second to none in this respect.

Achieving the above was not only a matter of HMCB. Designing adequate internal cabling and connections also became necessary. Annealed electrolytic copper of M1E grade in 9AWG gauge cut to the absolute minimum lenght is used for high-current wiring. A 70µm printed circuit board (PCB) path would have to be 85mm-wide to provide the same level of conductance, which is practically impossible to achieve. Therefore, we have completely eliminated PCBs from our conditioners. The current is transmitted only through thick copper wires without the 0.07mm thin foil found in PCBs, which works similar to one-way alternating traffic on the highway.

To increase conductance even further, all of the internal components are assembled using the classic point-to-point technique that ensures the shortest current path. Most of the internal connections are made by soldering, and in the upgraded MF-Signature models – all of them. The solder itself is an eutectic alloy and can contain, per user request, 3.7% silver. These techniques not only minimize losses, but also contribute to the conditioner's longevity and immunity to electrochemical corrosion, which plagues many contact connections - crimped or screwed.

Helion custom balanced, quadruple-shielded CC-Core transformer

Special attention was given to the balancing transformer. This critical element is responsible for delivering the purest energy to sensitive gear that is affected by noisy or distorted power lines. Such components as CD/DVD/BR players, streamers, tuners or D/A converters process low-level, high frequency signals and are therefore susceptible to interferences and HF modulation. Balancing transformers are manufactured up to our specs, only for us, by a reputable European factory with 50+ years of experience. Thanks to the air gap in the magnetic core, they are ten times more immune to saturation by DC than regular transformers. This, together with the mechanical decoupling from the chassis, reduces the magnetostriction effect that generates mechanical vibration and noise. Our transformers are quadruple-shielded to avoid generating excessive electromagnetic fields: a three-layered electrostatic copper shield and a single magnetic shield made of anisotropic cold-rolled steel guarantee a very low stray magnetic field (not exceeding 0.02µT). The benefits of transformer use also include galvanic separation, addition of a powerful common mode filtration stage and a nearly total elimination of DC currents.

The practical and easy to use Ground Loop Break system allows to take full control over interference issues caused by parasitic loops and prevents their injection into the signal path. Such loops can be formed by redundant grounding wires found in many audio-video setups. These unwanted loops are prone to acting like an antenna that collects EMI smog and demodulated broadcasts. This can translate into audible buzz or hum emitted by the speakers and a limited dynamic range. GLB switches solve the problem instantly by cutting the loop in one or more points.

Helion rhodium-plated sockets with high-impact polymer case

Antimagnetic, low impedance, rhodium-plated input and output sockets match the overall sophistication level of the ReVolt conditioners. We have abandoned the typical gold-plated contacts used for power transmission. Gold is the perfect material for handling small signals, like those encountered in the audio path. However, any high current and/or voltage may cause arcing when a connection is made or broken. Layers of some metals, including gold, are immediately destroyed by arcing. Rhodium, on the other hand, is not only unsusceptible to destruction by arcing, but also six times more resistant to wear and tear, which makes it the perfect material for connectors in power installations. However, only low levels are expected on safety contacts. Therefore, for the best conductance at even the tiniest currents, these contacts are gold plated (in MF-Signature models only).

Helion custom low-loss pulse capacitors

Last but not least, ReVolt's key task is removing EMI and RFI interferences and noises transmitted over mains lines. Both common-mode and differential phenomena are addressed through passive, bilateral, parallel filters, which are completely transparent to audio signals and thus have no adverse impact on program quality. They make use of special, self-healing polypropylene capacitors with ultra-low losses for 50/60Hz mains frequency (below 0.0001) while, at the same time, demonstrating exceptional dielectric strength by being able to withstand over 3000V/µs sharp impulses. These elements are complemented by ceramic magnetic filters enhanced by magnesium compounds. The main filter block is encapsulated in a double-shielded, isolated sandwich case. The shielding is both electrostatic, by means of a copper layer (or pure silver layer – in MF-Signature models only), and magnetic. The latter type of shielding is made of annealed, anisotropic, cold-rolled Lüders-band free steel with a total thickness of 3.5mm that is laser cut to 0.01mm tolerances.

All of the above features and characteristics make the Revolt a stable, safe and configurable platform that may power any audio/video system. Each piece is hand crafted in the E.U. under the supervision of specialists with more than thirty years of experience in the industry. Helion ReVolt conditioners are also distinguished by their robust, hefty build. They are designed to form a synergetic partnership with your electroacoustic and video system, even if it happens to be one of the best on the planet.

Helion ReVolt SLi


Parameter Value
High-current sockets quantity 3
Continuous output current / output power 16A / 3800 W
Pulse output current / output power 240A / 40.7 kW
Internal continuous current capability 42A
Output resistance <0.008 ohm
Balanced transformer sockets quantity 3
Continuous output power, balanced transformer outputs 200W in total
Transformer type Balanced, air gap CC-core, triple-shielded. Vacuum-impregnated, hermetically isolated by copolimer composite. Equipped with shock and vibration absorbers.
Main circuit breaker Hydraulic-magnetic, solenoid activated, resetable
Automatic resettable transformer protection Yes
Response time 0.001ns
Energy absorbtion capability 1500J
Maximum sinking current 80 000 A
GLB™ switch for every socket Yes
Isolated Ground System (IGS™) Yes
Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB) Free Yes
Wiring 9 AWG, annealed electrolytic copper, M1E C10200 grade
All soldered connections In MF-Signature models only
Soldering alloy Eutectic, 3.7%Ag eutectic or other on request
Main filter block shielding

Copper (electrostatic) and anisotropic steel (magnetic)

MF-Signature models: pure silver (electrostatic) and anisotropic steel (magnetic)

Outer magnetic shielding 2mm anisotropic, cold rolled steel
Stray magnetic field <0.02 µT

Rhodium plated, non-magnetic, schuko standard, high-impact polymer casing.

MF-Signature models equipped with gold plated grounding contacts.

Faceplate Black, silver or champagne gold 10mm brushed aluminium
Input 200-230V 50-60Hz
Internal protection class IP20
Power consumption (no load) <1W
Weight, netto / brutto 18 kg / 20 kg
Working temperature range 5 - 35°C
Other Units are customizable